Five Things That Will Make Your e-Commerce Website Look Unique!

Nowadays, website designing has become much easier and accessible than sometime ago. Today, people are able to customize their websites to make them look unique and outstanding. Yet not all are aware about the techniques available to make their website stand out from the pack.

There can be a big list of things that you can do to make an attractive and unique e-commerce web design. Here are five tips to guide anyone who wishes to make their website look better.

1. Use unique font

The artistic style of printed letters lay a profound effect on the overall appearance of a site. When analysed closely you will still notice many people using the very basics like Arial, Georgia and Times New Roman fonts on their website. You can browse for a number of interesting fonts available as they can instantly spike up your project.

2. Use subtle background image

Put up an image, texture or pattern to the background of your website. It can really give it a whole different feel. A website must display light background to get a subtle e-commerce website design. Check out new patterns and textures which are very minimal. This way you can make your site look different without making it distracting.

3. White space

In the first place, avoid unnecessary content on your website. It may appeal to book readers but it is not a catch for everyone. Try making it more colourful with images. However, if you must, make sure there is white space between certain parts of the content.

White spaces not only improve the appearance and readability but it can enhance your site’s structure, make it organized and handy. You will come across many websites that look like an ebook.

4. Display icons instead of words

Using push buttons instead of words for things that have definite icons such as receiver for contact number, location symbol etcetera, can be a great way to save on pixel space and give an edgier touch to the website.

5. Change color scheme

Changing your color scheme can change a site drastically. However, be careful on how many colors you use though. Too many will end up making your site look like kids coloring book.