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Why the search engines love our websites

Torc Web Design, SEO company Ireland, designs websites that are loved by both the search engines and users. With our SEO Ireland, we provide you with a guarantee with all our SEO packages & assure page one ranking on keywords. Unlike other SEO companies operating in Ireland, we do not tie you into any contract – simply because we know our SEO service ‘works’. If your website is not ranking on page one of Google, Bing and other search engines, then you can be sure that your potential customers are spending their money elsewhere. Make sure your site is seen above your competitors by enlisting Torc, SEO company Ireland to manage your websites SEO. Having a website without SEO is like having a great shop selling great deals but having the shop based in the middle of nowhere. Contact us today for more info on how SEO can help you and you’re business.

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SEO Ireland – useful techniques

High rankings on all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing demand the services of an SEO professional, someone who can be trusted to apply the correct techniques. Websites that don’t follow strict guidelines can disappear from the search results altogether or can find themselves penalised. A good example is the highly regarded brand ‘Interflora’, for various reasons their website, went missing even from branded search queries for 11 days in 2013 – its search-engine visibility fell off a cliff, think of the business lost during this time! We apply ethical measures, and avoid unnatural links or link spamming to gain back-links. These ‘tricks’ or ‘blackhat’ methods may have produced short-term results in the past, but, over time, the search engines have evolved their algorithms, and websites that try to garner false results through spammy links and messy SEO techniques have found themselves irreparably penalised. What is needed here is organic content without any type of forced keyword thrust, repetitive anchor text, etc.

On-page and Off-page Optimisation

We ensure smart on-page and off-page optimisation. We use techniques like text and image optimisation, intensive keyword analysis, creation of an XML sitemaps and robot.txt to ensure top ranking. After that, our off-page campaign includes directory submissions, creation of organic back links, social bookmarking, press releases, blogs and articles.

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Staying up to date

Torc Web Design & SEO Ireland is consistently up to date with Googles algorithm changes and we’re always researching new techniques to ensure we’re compliant with all the major search engines. SEO evolves rapidly, and requires a thorough understanding of search-engine algorithms, if you are currently using outdated or unethical strategies, you can suffer penalties, a drop in traffic or a total ban on your website. It is essential to keep in touch with the changes. In 2013, Google made its biggest change in more than 10 years. It completely rewrote its main algorithm which was aptly named Hummingbird (because of it’s precision and speed).One of the major changes with the Hummingbird update is the attention it pays to a person’s whole search query (rather than just words in isolation) so it can bring up search results that match the overall meaning and thus the searcher’s intent, rather than pages matching just a few words.Part of the secret (which many website designers and SEO ‘experts’ fail to recognise) is a website should primarily be designed and optimised with the customer / user in mind and not the search engines – this is what Google wants you to do! A major change is that Hummingbird will pay much more attention to a person’s whole search query (rather than just words in isolation) so it can bring up search results that match the overall meaning and thus the searcher’s intent, rather than pages matching just a few words. The team here at Torc SEO company Ireland will keep you constantly updated with monthly SEO reports, and we’re always available via phone, text, email and Skype at a time that is convenient to you. Along with SEO Services Ireland, We also provide professional web design in Ireland

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Sound SEO Ireland principles and future-proofing

Why the search engines love our websites

  • Your site should have original, relevant, high-quality content.
  • The site should be designed in a way that is friendly to search engines, based on sound, timeless principles (rather than spammy keyword stuffing and other blackhat techniques)
  • The SEO practiced on your site should be fully compliant with all search engine algorithm changes.
  • Future-proof design, layout, content and meta data, so that the search engines never fall out of love with your website.

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