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Web Design Galway: Here at Torc Web Design we provide website design in Galway for all manner of businesses. Whether you are looking for a one-page site or a full eCommerce package, Torc Web Design Galway can provide you with a range of pricing options that will suit your budget.

We firmly believe that business in Galway is on the up, and we want to be part of making your online presence an outstanding success. We are also happy to provide you with SEO services for your Galway based business, ensuring that your website is getting the traffic it deserves whilst encouraging browsers to take action by purchasing your product or ordering your service.

Torc Web Design knows that your online presence needs to be one that makes a great impression the first time a potential customer visits your site. We have been providing web design to the people of Galway with great results since 2007 and we believe our results speak for themselves.

Please check out our web design portfolio page & see for yourself, just how professional our website designs are. We aim for eye-catching designs that keep your visitors interested and all our designs are responsive, which means they can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops without eating huge amounts of data. In short – we make it easy for your customers to take action no matter where they are!


Once you’ve decided to engage Torc Web Design Galway services, we can also offer you professional SEO services. Why do you need SEO for your site? Well, think of it like this… You have a wonderful shop, choc a bloc full of top class, affordable products or services, the only problem is, no one knows where your shop is! There’s no sign above your door, your windows are blacked out and your shop is in a dark corner of town that no one knows how to get to!

Then Torc Web Design come along and they put a big colourful sign above your shop, stick up signposts all over town and shout from the rooftops to let people know where you’re based and what services and products you offer. Over a period of time your custom base starts to grow, people can find you now and they’re telling others…. SEO is important, because you can have the nicest website in the world, but if no one can see it, it may as well not be there!