Bring Your Vision to Life with Website Storyboarding

Website storyboarding is a wonderful tool that web designers use to help you visualise the layout of your website. You can get a feel for how your site will look and behave before it goes to the next stage of the design process.

It is essentially a blueprint of your website. It’s a wonderful way to represent the various elements of a webpage like navigations, images, banners, text and graphic elements. By visually representing all the aspects of a page, a storyboard makes it easy for you to understand what information goes on which part of the website and how each page will flow with the other pages.

Website storyboards are a critical component of any web design project. Here are some reasons why website storyboarding must be a part of your project.

Humanise the Design

Storyboards allow you to design your website with your visitors in mind. A storyboard helps you to put a human face on research findings and analytics data.


This is the most important role of a website storyboard.

It allows you to create a basic wireframe diagram of your website so you can evaluate the information hierarchy of each page.

A visual layout makes it easy for you to ensure if there’s enough space to accommodate all the important elements of your website.

User Behaviour

A website’s layout plays a crucial role in guiding the users through the sales funnel.

our website storyboard will allow you to identify all the possible steps a user can take to reach the end of the funnel to take your desired action.

While previewing your website on your storyboard, you can identify elements that will make navigation easy and simple for your visitors. For instance, you can ensure that the navigation buttons are clear and easily accessible. You can limit the number of navigation options to make it easy for visitors to take action. You can find spots to place links without making the user scroll down the homepage.

This process will help in designing a website that is user-friendly and optimised for conversions. We at Torc Web Design Ireland provide you with exactly what you want to show your customers.

Save Time

Website storyboarding can save a lot of your time and even money.

Creating a storyboard will take a few minutes. But developing the code for it can take hours. By investing a few minutes drawing even a basic storyboard, you can streamline the entire process.

You can go over the design again and again to identify any errors or chinks that could be removed during the initial stage easily.

After all, changing and updating a fully coded website can take a lot of time and increase the costs.

Control Your Message

A successful website is one that provides only as much information a user can handle at a time.

Storyboards allow you to segment your website copy and images in a manner that engages the reader one step at a time.

By laying out out each individual page, storyboards help you to determine how much information must appear on a page. Although your storyboard won’t contain the actual imagery and text, it still gives you a good idea.

In Conclusion

Web storyboarding allows you to build a website with your target audience in mind. Here at Torc Web Design, storyboarding is an important part of our web design process. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and quote.