15 Metasearch Engines You Should Consider Using

Metasearch engines are gaining in popularity and stand their own in spite of Google’s dominance. These metasearch engines are not competing with Google or other popular search engines.

Instead, they take advantage of these search engines’ technologies and massive data to give an interesting spin to the listings or ranking formats.

So what is a metasearch engine?

A metasearch engine, also known as a search aggregator, is a tool that uses the data from other search engines to produce its search results. In this post, we explore 20 metasearch engines that aim to make search efficient.


Dogpile boasts of some excellent features like “recent searches”and “search suggestions”. This metasearch engine uses Yahoo, Google and Ask among other search engines for its results.


This is a wonderful metasearch engine that combines the results from Google with its own private search engine.


Users can compare search results from multiple search engines. Touted as a family friendly search engine, Draze aims to make search safe for families.


Formerly known as Clusty, this search engine uses filetype, Boolean operators and language restricted search. It groups the results into clusters.


This metasearch engine collects results from more than 400 sources including Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia to deliver powerful results.


Also capable of acting as a metacrawler, this metasearch engine allows you to search in any language.


MetaCrawler searches Yahoo, Google, About and other search engines and offers the ability to refine searches.


This simple-to-use search engine is completely customisable, fast and very easy on the eye.

Simply register as a user and you can customise the homepage you see everything you visit this search engine.


This three-in-one search engine allows you to search in three different ways – cluster search, blended search and split search.


Info.com brings results from a variety of search engines as well as PPC directories. This metasearch engine compares different results to deliver highly relevant listings. You can search for images, tickets, video, maps, weather, hotels, news, flights, health and more.


This all-in-one search engine allows you to choose from a ton of search engines, indices and directories for your search.


This metasearch engine not only allows you to search but it also allows you to summarise and even share your results.


This search engine allows you to search message boards and forums. You can either search for content on the forums or even forums about a specific niche.


This is the search engine you need when you are looking to find sound effects either for commercial use or personal use.


This is a web directory cum metasearch engine and works like a traditional search engine where the categories are displayed right beneath the search bar.

In Conclusion

Metasearch engines combine the power of multiple search engines to provide some stunning results. This not only speeds up your search but it also makes it efficient. You don’t have to crawl multiple search engines if that’s what you do usually. Simply head to any one of these 15 metasearch engines.