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How aerial photography works at Torc

At Torc web design we use the best in drone photography Ireland to bring you high-resolution images. Our remote controlled unmanned aircraft means costs are measurably lower than traditional aerial photography and ensures you get the images you want right from the very first shot.



Services Ireland

Torc Web Design is now delighted to offer a new state of the art aerial photography service right across Ireland. With this new addition to our service menu, we aim to bring a new element to your website, business literature or marketing material with professionally delivered aerial photographs that stand out from the competition.

Who can benefit from drone photography?

Aerial photography is perfect for those who wish to showcase a location from a unique point of view, perfect for hotels, developers, construction sites, tourist destinations, real estate companies, farming ventures and festival organisers. Think about how a high-resolution aerial photograph can benefit your business plan or marketing material in a cost effective manner.

Benefits of aerial

photography and videography

Take your marketing or event planning to new heights (excuse the pun) with some of the following benefits

Lower costs

The most important issue for those in the planning stages of their venture. Historically, the only way to capture a location in this manner was to hire a helicopter and a professional photographer or at the very least hire a company that offered this as a package service. Now, with the introduction of drone photography, professional photographers like the team here at Torc can bring their skills to the skies without ever having to leave the ground. This of course reduces costs greatly and allows you to budget for other expenses more comfortably.

Lower Cost

Minimal restrictions

Once again we’ll refer to the more traditional use of helicopters for aerial photography for comparison. The use of remotely operated drones means you can now access areas that were unsafe for manned aircraft, this allows us to access the most remote of areas and deliver images from unique angles that were previously impossible.

Lower Cost


As our drones are remotely operated, safety issues are greatly reduced. At no time is the photographer put at risk with drone photography.

Lower Cost


Following an initial consultation to determine the images that are required, set up time for your aerial shots will be minimal and will in most cases (weather dependant) be completed within one day.

Lower Cost


Aerial photography makes a statement, stand out from the mundane traditional photography of your competitors and show your customer base that you’re a little bit different, that you embrace new trends and technologies and that you have your finger on the pulse of modern business in Ireland.

Lower Cost


Aerial videography Ireland and cinematography

Along with Drone photography Ireland, Torc will also offer aerial video in high resolution, edited and delivered to you in all modern file formats Aerial photography in Ireland without the use of helicopters or manned aircraft is still a growing industry and there are few professionals who can deliver a really professional image. Whilst the practice is still relatively in it’s infancy, the use of aerial photography has been harnessed by media and festival organisers right across the country and is now recognised as one of the most affordable ways to plan an event.